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Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney for the Over 60's

Free report reveals 5 ways to use Wills and LPAs to protect yourself and your hard-earned wealth in the future.

In this 16 page step by step guide you will discover:

  • Using a Lasting Power of Attorney to give you control
  • Not to reply on just a financial LPA (it's not enough)
  • How to exercise your 'Testamentary Freedom' using a Will
  • How to protect your hard-earned wealth against the risks of a simple Will
  • How to choose the right executor to save your estate a lot of money

Many people have not taken the initiative to plan ahead to ensure a trusted person is able to look after their affairs when they are not able to, and, as well as, ensuring their hard-earned wealth, which they have accumulated in life, will pass securely to those they wish to inherit it.

As a result, they will find their futures being controlled by unwanted parties, who they would never have expected to interact with, and that their hard-earned assets will either pass to those they do not wish to inherit or is swallowed up by infighting at great cost to their estate.

This guide will show you 5 ways to successfully use LPAs (A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that lasts for the rest of your life where you can appoint someone you trust to help you make decisions should you become incapable of making) and Wills to allow you to remain in control of your future and see your wealth pass to those you wish to inherit, securely.

This report is for you if:

  • You are about to make a new will and need help
  • You are considering setting up lasting powers of attorney but want to ensure you can control who will be there to help you and how.

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About the Author - Gavin Ball:
Legal specialist in providing Later Life estate planning solutions and advising vulnerable clients.
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