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Sally Koch

Legal specialist in providing Later Life estate planning solutions and advising vulnerable clients.

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Gavin Ball

Advising Vulnerable Clients

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney

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Client Query

My son has autism. Does he need a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Gavin says:

Everyone can set up a Lasting Power of Attorney, as long as they are the minimum age of 18 years and have the required mental capacity to do so.

I advise this type of client to have professionally drafted Lasting Powers of Attorney prepared and registered.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

This is a legal document that lasts for the rest of your life. You can appoint someone you trust to help you make decisions if you should become incapable.

I offer the following Lasting Power of Attorney services:

  1. Preparation and registration
  2. Revoking of a Lasting Power of Attorney
  3. Registration of an Enduring Power of Attorney
  4. Professional Attorney services

Arranging for a Deputyship Order

Client Query

My brother had an accident and now no longer has mental capacity to manage his own affairs. There is no Lasting Power of Attorney in place, so how can I ensure he is properly looked after?

Gavin says:

In circumstances like those described above, the Court of Protection should be approached to approve the appointment of a deputy to manage the vulnerable client’s affairs.

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What is a Deputyship order?

An order from the Court of Protection appointing a person to make decisions on behalf of someone who has lost the mental capacity to make these decisions for themselves.

I offer the following Deputyship services:

  1. Deputyship Order application service

Continuing Healthcare Funding Assessment Support

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Client Query

I believe my mother has a primary health need. Can I apply for an NHS Continuing Healthcare package?

Gavin says:

Everyone who believes they are eligible for a primary health care need can approach their local Clinical Commissioning Group to be screened for NHS Continuous Healthcare.

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

This is a specialist package of care provided by the NHS for someone with an assessed primary health need. It is funded in full or in part by the NHS. Care can be provided in any setting (including at the person’s home, in a care home or hospice). The relevant Clinical Commissioning Group decides who is eligible, based on a person’s individual assessed needs

I offer the following State Support Advice services:

  1. NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment support
  2. NHS Continuing Healthcare appeal support
  3. Long-Term Care State Benefit assessment support

Making a Will

Client Query

My son is a vulnerable person. Should he have a Will?

Gavin says:

Everyone can make a Will as long as they are the minimum age of 18 years and have the required mental capacity.

To stay in control of where their hard-earned wealth goes on their death, I advise my clients they should have a professionally drafted Will prepared, dealing with their circumstances.

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What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that records how the Willmaker wishes his/her property to be distributed after their death.

I offer the following specialist Will services for vulnerable clients:

  1. Will preparation
  2. Inheritance Tax efficient Will planning
  3. Trust planning to protect your assets
  4. Specialist Vulnerable Client Willtrust planning